Fabolous Live From The 718 Freestyles

Fabolous Live From The 718 Freestyles Pt.1

  1. 1.Fabolous - Aint Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit Freestyle
  2. 2.Fabolous - BAS Freestyle
  3. 3.Fabolous - Been Around The World Freestyle
  4. 4.Fabolous - Quiet Storm Freestyle
  5. 5.Fabolous - Shook Ones Part II Freestyle
  6. 6.Fabolous - Take It Easy Freestyle
  7. 7.Fabolous - Told Yall Freestyle
  8. 8.Fabolous - All For The Love Freestyle
  9. 9.(Bonus) Fabolous - Will Smith Sway Freestyle
  10. 10.(Bonus) Fabolous - The Hope ft. Jadakiss Juveyel

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For the past 7 weeks Fabolous has been teaming up with Dj Clue to drop a new freestyle every friday over classic hip-hop beats
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