Independent Mixtape of the Week: LdC1 “The Sacrifice”

Mixtape of the week!

  1. 1.LdC1 - The Sacrifice (prod. by LdC1)
  2. 2.LdC1 (ft. Stretch Tha Ghost) - M.P.D.B (prod. by LdC1)
  3. 3.LdC1 (ft. Stretch The Ghost) - Sonic (BOOM) prod. by LdC1
  4. 4.LdC1 - Face Off (prod. by
  5. 5.LdC1 - RESPECT (prod. by LdC1)
  6. 6.LdC1 (ft. Stretch Tha Ghost) - I'm Nice (prod. by LdC1)
  7. 7.LdC1 - Excuse My Back (prod. by LdC1)
  8. 8.LdC1 (ft. Stretch Tha Ghost) - Nobody. (prod. by LdC1)
  9. 9.LdC1 (ft. K-Deuce Kush) - Ted DiBiase (prod. by
  10. 10.LdC1 - I Just Want To (prod. by LdC1)
  11. 11.LdC1 (ft. Kush) - What You Know About It (prod. by
  12. 12.LdC1 - Up N Down (prod. by LdC1)
  13. 13.LdC1 - Metaph' Oricle {Interlude} prod. by LdC1
  14. 14.LdC1 (ft. Stretch Tha Ghost) - Permission (prod. by LdC1)
  15. 15.LdC1 - Ice Cold (prod. by LdC1)
  16. 16.LdC1 (ft. Stretch Tha Ghost The Hit) - Anniversary (prod. by LdC1)
  17. 17.LdC1 (ft. Kush) - You Feeling It (prod. by LdC1)
  18. 18.LdC1 (ft. Dot It Boy) - I'm Still Waiting (prod. by LdC1)
  19. 19.LdC1 - Phenomenal (prod. by LdC1)
  20. 20.LdC1 (ft. Kush Trycen) - No Competition (prod. by
  21. 21.LdC1 (ft. Melly-Mel) - Uhh Ooh (prod. by LdC1)
  22. 22.LdC1 (ft. Kush) - Gal UX C (prod. by LdC1)
  23. 23.LdC1 - I'm Sorry (Regrets) prod. by LdC1
  24. 24.LdC1 - Come Back Home (prod. by LdC1)
  25. 25.LdC1 (ft. Saddis Man-Man Hudson) - Journey (prod. by LdC1)
  26. 26.LdC1 - I'm Gonna Miss You (prod by LdC1)

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