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D-Nutt is a new upcoming independent rap artist from Romulus, MI Jone Sub S.U.B. to be exact, he was also raised on the west-side of Detroit and Inkster, MI. He makes street music based off of reality in the streets , and low income communities. The only way to make it out is to hustle and grind his music generates that hustle work ethic, and motivation to get up and get it. His music reflects whats going on everyday in all hoods as we know it in America, and tjhe injustices for the poverty stricken neighbor hoods for the black race as we know it. He makes records for the club scene as well. D-Nutt makes music inspired by artist by artist like 2pac, Too Short, Spice 1, Snoop Dogg, Eight Ball & MJG. His music is original with a mid-west signature sound to it. He released out the trunk street mixtapes "The Neva Ending Hu$tle" "Murder Mitten Massacre" "Flowin Like Some Ceiling Fans" and "The Bag Just Dropped" Look out for more music coming from D-Nutt.Tags:

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Documentary (FLESH-N-BONE IS HOME)



This film documents Bone Thugs-n-Harmony reuniting for the first time in over a decade. It tracks major events, beginning with Flesh-n-Bone’s release from prison while being met by the four other members of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. As we see the group on tour and in the studio, the film captures the essence of the group as a family while they become reacquainted with each other’s grown-up personalities. As they set about this new project, we follow the group as they plan a course of action to get a distribution deal with all five members on a major music label. During this process, as Flesh-n-Bone tries to readjust to society, he runs in to turmoil causing him to serve a short stint in LA County Jail for violation of parole. Along with Flesh-n-Bone, the group has also recently rejoined with Bizzy Bone, causing them to struggle with his alcohol problems and the impact it has on the group’s progress. Eventually, the group has an intervention, and although it doesn’t solve much, Bizzy Bone does manage to stay sober for the recoding of the UNI-5 Album. The film ultimately shows that Bone Thugs-n-Harmony are more than just a group, are a true family. Link to the film: www.fleshnboneishome.comTags: ,

Denver Urban Arts Showcase 4/16

Denver Urban Arts Showcase 420 Week Kickoff Party.


Denver, Colorado – April 16, 2016?–Urban Arts Showcase announces the launch of the long awaited event in the city of Denver. It is certainly not easy to put it all together and make a stunning event, but Urban Arts Showcase, UAS is about to give you an authentic old school hip hop experience as it features a street wear fashion show, live performance, dance competition, art exhibition and pop up shops. Urban Arts Showcase prides itself on staying true to the original elements of hip hop culture which is characterized by four distinct elements, all of which represent the different manifestations of the culture: rap music (oral), turntablism or DJing (aural), b­boying (physical) and graffiti art (visual). Even while it continues to develop globally in myriad styles, these four foundational elements provide coherence to hip hop culture. Over the course of the last three years, Urban Arts Showcase has provided a platform for many brands and artists to engage with consumers and fans in the greater NYC area and are very excited to be expanding to the west coast. Using social media Urban Arts Showcase was able to generate significant exposure online for the participating artists, brands, and events. Making use of a variety of venues, past events were held on the Jewel Yacht (harbor cruise of NYC), Graffiti Art New York in Tribeca, Specials on C (a former bodega turned event space in Alphabet City) and Open House Cocktail Lounge on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with sponsors like G­?Shock, Reebok, KidRobot, PBR, Box Water, Ciroc, Redbull, Calebs Kola, Cazal Eyewear and many other independent designers. Elements of hip hop build upon Urban Arts Showcase’s commitment to take the authentic old school experience to the west coast in 2016, the first stop is the city of Denver and the event will be hosted at the Savoy at Curtis Park which occupies the second floor of a landmark Victorian building in Denver. Built in 1887 and residing in the historic Curtis Park Neighborhood, the second floor was used as a private social club/venue with a dance floor/social space lobby and lounge. Today it remains as one of the few surviving spaces of its kind in the city of Denver. For more information visit: http://denverurbanartsshowcase.eventbrite.comTags: , ,