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MIXTAPE OF THE WEEK: Southern Riot Mixtape

Southern Riot Mixtape

  1. 1.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 01 INTROlisten download
  2. 2.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 02 BEAST MODE
  3. 3.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 03 All Gold
  4. 4.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 04 GOT THAT WURK
  5. 5.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot-05-Diamonds
  6. 6.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 06 SIRENS SMOKE
  7. 7.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 07 REAL TALK
  8. 8.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 08 SHOW U LOVE
  9. 9.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 09 GOIN IN
  10. 10.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 10 STAR STRUCK
  11. 11.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 11 M.A.D.D
  12. 12.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 12 CHECKMATE
  13. 13.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 13 MAXXED OUT
  14. 14.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 14 PRESIDENTIAL PIMPIN
  15. 15.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 15 Ladies Night
  16. 16.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 16 IN DA STREETS
  17. 17.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 17 SERIOUS
  18. 18.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 18 STUNTIN HARD
  19. 19.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 19 Legion Walkin
  20. 20.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 20 RIOT
  21. 21.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 22 FADED
  22. 22.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 21 Hot Damn Lie
  23. 23.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 23 FALL BACK
  24. 24.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 24 NO GIMMICKS
  25. 25.Mysterious Ent - Southern Riot - 25 OUTRO
  26. 26.BONUS TRACK-DJ Q Ft. Dorrough, Yung Berg, FLA Amazin - Work For It (Dirty)

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This MixTape came to us from the artist LEGION. His track "WALKIN" is #19 and one of the hottest records on the tape, if not the hottest! Mysterious Ent Presents "Southern Riot Mixtape" WEBSITE- www.mysteriousent Facebook at Twitter is
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MixTape of The Week: Caddy Da Don Cut The Check

Caddy Da Don Cut The Check

  1. 1.Cut the Check feat Juvelisten download
  2. 2.Out of Line
  3. 3.I'm Real feat Juve
  4. 4.Trap Life
  5. 5.Counting Up feat Juve (Ray Rice)
  6. 6.Extra
  7. 7.Retarded feat 2 Chainz
  8. 8.I'm Stunting feat Money
  9. 9.I'm The Shit feat Stakk Grams and Gucci Mane
  10. 10.She Bad feat Yo Gotti & Money
  11. 11.Addicted feat Money
  12. 12.Party Bus feat Juve & DJ Quicksilva
  13. 13.Heavy feat Fat Trel
  14. 14.Dear Streets feat Ebone Marlo
  15. 15.AllerCorrygic to the Ground feat David
  16. 16.Cookamonga feat Future
  17. 17.Outro (Freestyle)
  18. 18.Ego feat Tony Austin

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The B'More Native has finally dropped his LONG awaited Mixtape with DJ Scream. The lead single "Counting Up" has been BLOWING Up this summer. But the Mixtape features everyone from The South Makin Noise and the Production is second to none.


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Indy ThrowBack MixTape Of The Day:Rell Quann City Of Dreams

Rell Quann City Of Dreams

  1. 1.Inceptionlisten download
  2. 2.Officer Jack Daniels
  3. 3.Toast To The Sky
  4. 4.Super Bad feat. Moze Fire
  5. 5.5 Alarm feat. GoldenHandz
  6. 6.Get It On
  7. 7.Thank God 4 Tommorrow feat. OB, Moze Fire, Dalovecampaign
  8. 8.Sing To Me feat. Tasia Leonard
  9. 9.The Bang
  10. 10.Lookin Past Em
  11. 11.Paranoid feat. GoldenHandz
  12. 12.We Ain't Friends
  13. 13.City of Dreams feat. Grizzle Mack Skizzy
  14. 14.Keep It A Hunid
  15. 15.Time feat. PA Jizzle
  16. 16.Get Up
  17. 17.Lost Souls feat. Daved King
  18. 18.Rep my Hood feat. Dalovecampaign
  19. 19.Wiggle All That feat. Osh, Reggie Cushh, Moze Fire, GoldenHandz
  20. 20.Do It Like This
  21. 21.Limbo

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City Of Dreams

Asher Roth The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2

Hosted by DJ Drama and Don Cannon

  1. 1.Maybe I Dont Wanna (ft. Tom Petty, SWV, The Beach Boys) [listen] download
  2. 2.Paradise [listen] download
  3. 3.Interlude [listen] download
  4. 4.Party Girl (ft. Lil Wayne) [listen] download
  5. 5.Pass That Dutch [listen] download
  6. 6.Females Welcome [listen] download
  7. 7.Healer [listen] download
  8. 8.Treat Me Like Fire [listen] download
  9. 9.Apples & Bananas [listen] download
  10. 10.Numbers [listen] download
  11. 11.Interlude [listen] download
  12. 12.Eggs Florentine (ft. King Mez, Remy Banks) [listen] download
  13. 13.Pop Radio [listen] download
  14. 14.Pearly Gates [listen] download
  15. 15.Monday Free [listen] download
  16. 16.A-One [listen] download
  17. 17.Interlude [listen] download
  18. 18.Blurred Lines [listen] download
  19. 19.Girlscout Cookies [listen] download
  20. 20.Freaks [listen] download
  21. 21.Fuck Up Da Fun [listen] download
  22. 22.Actin Up (ft. Rye Rye, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown) [listen] download
  23. 23.Lil Butt

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New mixtape from Asher Roth "The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2" Hosted by DJ Drama and Don Cannon, The GreenHouse Effect Vol. 2 is a “celebration of getting back to doing your thing” for Ash. The 23-track project is a collection of freestyles and original tracks which hears the Blonde Bob Saget not only enjoying his craft, but rediscovering his lyrical step. "I’ve decided to stray from the path UMG has laid for me and continue on the scenic route. I prefer to relay my music directly to my fans. Show them what it is I see. Share with them what it is I think. I enjoy letting you hear free-flowing ideas recorded in basements and broom closets. Who cares that they will probably never be heard on the radio? I want to be proactive and not reactive and I would rather nothing get in the way of the relationship I have with my family, friends, fans and my music." said Roth.