Absolute Magnitude Package

The Supreme Marketing Solution

Are you one to need all the features and like to use the premium advantage over your competitors?  The Absolute Magnitude Package is our Supreme package for your MixTape/Album promotion.  Combined with a significant increase in multimedia power from the “standard” package, is our fully featured WYSIWIG editor for a much more customized format and flare of informational transfer.  For an added bonus, it comes with a Sidebar Advertisement credit so that you can blast the viewers with a double dose of your promotional tactics.

Features for the Absolute Magnitude Package

  1. Custom Headline
  2. 10 Images of Mixtape/Album Cover and Insert Art (hosted by imgur.com)
  3. List of Songs on Mixtape/Album
  4. 3rd Party Playlist Player of MixTape/Album (hosted by Playlist.com)
  5. 10 Links to Download Sites (dofollow)
  6. Nearly Unlimited Description of MixTape/Album and Credits (with our powerful WYSIWIG editor)
  7. Up to 5 Youtube Videos of Your MixTape/Album Promos or a Featured Songs
  8. Sidebar Advertisement Credit ($20 value)

The $50 Slam Dunk

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Our Refund Policy:
If you need a refund from PayPal, your advertisement and attaching benefits will be removed. PayPal has a built in 30 day money back guarantee, and MixTapeSeries.com adheres to this standard.