Eclipse Package

A Healthy Marketing Solution

The Eclipse Package is a healthy choice for your MixTape/Album promotion, because it offers a substantial increase in multimedia than the more “economic” package.  More images, added sights and sounds, and more room for you to catch our viewers attention and keep it there.

Features for the Eclipse Package

  1. Featured Mixtape of the week.
  2. Custom headline.
  3. Cover artwork.
  4. Insert artwork.
  5. Artist Promo picture.
  6. Music player hosted by or
  7. Downloadable link to mixtape
  8. Artist Bio/Mixtape description (2000 character limit)
  9. MixTapeSeries TV featured video of the day. (music video, promo clip, etc.)
  10. Q&A with

The $25 Steal

How Did You Hear About

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Our Refund Policy:
If you need a refund from PayPal, your advertisement and attaching benefits will be removed. PayPal has a built in 30 day money back guarantee, and adheres to this standard.